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proof of word

Make your word finally worthy.
Sculpt your world in the blockchain and become a beacon of reliability.


Ready to make your promise? Visit Proof of word™


Proof of word™ humanizes blockchain technology by using it to certify your goodwill and enhance your real-life interactions with your loved ones.

By bringing the reliability of the blockchain to consumers at affordable cost, our service allows you to register a “promise” you made to someone (or even to yourself!) on the blockchain. This generates a proof of word™ that formalizes your commitment to everybody around the world.

How it works

1) Sign up and validate your identity

Credible promises need genuine identities.
Connect your Metamask wallet to proof of word™ to let your given word make the difference

2) Make your promise and share it widely

Speak your word out loud to the world and sculpt it forever on the blockchain with a few clicks.
You will get the certificate of your promise.

3) Sell, exchange and collect promises

Is your word worth enough?
Distribute and sell it on our marketplace.
Discover the trust economy with proof of word™.

proof of word™ is a service provided by Trust Chain Solutions.

The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Tuscany, Italy
Founder and CEO: Guido Segni & Matìas Reyes