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Emotional Labor Wage Calculator

Are you frustrated by the treatment of food delivery persons?



Delivery drivers for apps like GrubHub, Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber Eats rarely get all of the delivery fees. Locating your home is difficult. Parking is impossible. Consumers are impatient. Neighbors and strangers can be aggressive, rude and unhelpful. Delivery drivers are trying to fit as many deliveries in as possible to make a living wage. But consumers are paying menu costs, service fees, and delivery fees and so often skimp on tipping.

Want to know what you can do?
Allow the Emotional Labor Wage Calculator to help you!

Our representatives are on standby for 12 hours day (reduced hours on holidays and weekends) to help calculate what your food deliverer’s wages should actually be.

Think of this as insider advice to help advance and fill out the wages of delivery drivers so their wages are what they should be.

But, more than that, the Emotional Labor Wage Calculator allows you to understand the challenges of the e-delivery job and helps you pay drivers what their labor deserves.

You know that work should be paid fairly and equitably, and reflect inflation and cost of living, but the math can be confusing.
Why not outsource to us?

Let us, as a neutral third party, calculate for you, free of charge, what this wage should be. It might be more than what you expected—and what the delivery app wants—but fair wages are fair pay and all workers deserve fair pay for their labor. 

The first prototype of the Emotional Labor Wage Calculator ran from February 7-22, 2023 with a team of operators in stand-by to answer to your queries about equitable wages.

Emotional Labor Wage Calculator is a service provided by TRK: technically responsible knowledge.

The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in New Orleans, LA, USA.
Founder and CEO: Caroline Sinders.