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Star Beans

Wondering about the abstract, absurd relationships between food, economics, and the natural world?


Try a new game for iPhone that combines the fun of farming with the thrill of the stock market.


Have you ever wanted to be a STAR FARMER?
Now you can. Star Beans is a farming-capitalist-bean-growing simulator.

Click buttons, grow beans! Sell beans, make a fortune!

Or do you want to keep to the simple life, disconnect from predatory and abstract capitalism and grow one bean at a time?

As a game player, you can take on the role of a Star Farmer, growing a variety of plants that sprout luminescent beans on your very own farm.

Tend bean plants, grow and harvest them. 

You can then sell them on the stock market, earning money to invest in high-tech equipment. 

Or you could just grow what you need to survive.

But the game isn’t just about planting and harvesting — as a player you must also keep an eye on the stock market, carefully choosing when to buy and sell your crops in order to maximise your profits.  

You must carefully strategise in order to become the most successful farmer in the galaxy. Or not.

In addition to the fun and engaging gameplay, Star Beans also features stunning low-fi graphics and an immersive sound track, transporting you to a vibrant and colourful world full of possibilities.

Come on the bean counter, join the ranks of Star Farmers today and see how much money you can make in the exciting world of Star Beans!

You just need to download the app.

Star Beans is a service provided by Bruce Asbestos.

The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Nottingham, UK.
Founder and CEO: Bruce Asbestos.