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No Storage

A real time, human-powered search platform that gives you access to minds around the globe.

Everyone is recording, no one is living.

At the NO DATA INSTITUTE we want to release users from the burden of data. We want to make information valuable again, helping users access collective human knowledge and experience, while guaranteeing their privacy.

We believe that storing all the data we produce is pointless. There aren’t enough people on earth or enough time to consume it. Storing this ever growing ocean of unconsumed data requires an immense amount of energy, damaging the environment.

History ceases to exist with data. When we occupy every time, we occupy no time. We believe that when we record culture, traditions that would evolve through the process of a living culture become a limited singular truth.

Produce only what is consumed.

At the NO DATA INSTITUTE we strive to give you only as much data as you need, providing you with information that is precious – unique and subjective responses to your questions that embrace a multiplicity of perspectives.

Introducing our No Storage Search Engine™, where information travels from one person to another, but is never stored. With us, data has a 1:1 relationship of production and consumption.

No more likes, no more view counts. No more influencers and dopamine hits.

How it works

To receive unique responses from real people every time you search is easy.

Simply type your question into the No Storage Search Engine™, and our software will instantly connect you to one of our anonymous search agents.

With Text Search, receive a real-time audio response from one of our agents. With Image Search, your agent takes a picture in their environment that appears on your screen right away.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss your result.

In our No Storage Search Engine™, data disappears as soon as you consume it and requires your full attention.

The first prototype of the No Storage Search Engine™ ran from March 10-19, 2023 with search agents available every day to answer your queries.

No Storage Search Engine™ is a service provided by the NO DATA INSTITUTE.

The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Costa Rica.
Founder and CEO: Tara Kelton.